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Programming in the Large

In their article from 1976 DeRemer and Kron make the distinction between programming-in-the-large and programming-in-the-small. They distinguish the “glue code” organizing independent chunks of computation (programming-in-the-large) and the “number crunching” executing low-level computation efficiently (programming-in-the-small). For the field o... Read more

Cuneiform: Past, Present, and Future

I started out working on Cuneiform in March 2013. I was trying to find a way back into academia after jobbing a year in a public agency. I was second in line for a PhD position at Berlin’s Humboldt university but surprisingly got the job after the top person bailed out. My topic would be a language-based approach to workflows. At my first day I... Read more

A Library is a Language is a Library

Designing a software library is a popular activity. Not only is it a welcome contribution but it is considered something readily achievable. Designing an API, i.e., the library’s appearance to the user, is no black art and design decisions are based on functionality rather than to personal tastes or preferences. Often, the purpose of a new libra... Read more

Hello world

The domain is bought, the scaffold is set up. Next up: content. Read more